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Dubs on the Boards 2009

**Best of Show Water Cooled**

Robert Faur

**Best of Show Air Cooled**

Jerry Raffa

**Best Female Presenter**

Dana Kerrigan

**Most Club Participation**

SJVWC – South Jersey VW Club

**85-99- Stock – Including 98 & 99 Beetle**

1st Place – Joe Kowalchick
2nd Place – Paul Egbert
3rd Place – Robyn Mengel

**99.5 & up Stock including 00 & up Beetle**

1st Place – Paul Egbert
2nd Place – Bill Joerger
3rd Place – Noralee Morales

**20th Anniversary Golf**

1st Place – Paige Blaze
2nd Place – Marcin Markiewicz
3rd Place – Andrew Paino

**Fox – Modified**

1st Place – Kevin Lesti

**Scirocco – Modified**

1st Place – David Stein
2nd Place – Eric Lonchambon

**Cabrio Modified**

1st Place – Matt Yuknek
2nd Place – Danny Ballester
3rd Place – Sarah Gibson


1st Place – Nick Dougard
2nd Place – Ryan Schumacher
3rd Place – Troy Smith

**Passat – Modified**

1st Place – Mitchell Moutela
2nd Place – Paul Wall
3rd Place – Nelson Bangs Jr.

**MKI – Modified**

1st Place – James Cathers
2nd Place – Rich Anning
3rd Place – David Butler

**MKII Modified**

1st Place – Daniel Santos
2nd Place – Ramiro DeCarvalhor
3rd Place – Tyler Cathers

**MKIII – Modified**

1st Place – Chaz Peracchia
2nd Place – Jesse Santos
3rd Place – Eric Scigliano
**New Beetle – Modified**

1st Place – Laura Idell
2nd Place – Dana Kerrigan

**MKIV – Modified**

1st Place – TJ Rogers
2nd Place – Ryan Miller
3rd Place – Jeff Crocker

**MKV – Modified**

1st Place – Ms. Melaragni
2nd Place – Daniel Brenson
3rd Place – Abby Loving

**Audi – B5 – A4/S4**

1st Place – John Conchado
2nd Place – Paul Boucos
3rd Place – Dustin Todd

**Audi – B6 – A4/S4**

1st Place – Keneth Hoffman
**Audi – B7 – A4/S4**

1st Place – Eric Wilson
2nd Place – Daniel Guerreiro
3rd Place – Jason Maguire

**Audi – TT**

1st Place – Dale Mengel

**Audi – A3**

1st Place – Cathy Benach

**Audi – Other**

1st Place – Benson Po
2nd Place – Michael Mckie

**VW & Audi Super Modified**

1st Place – Kent Peyre-Ferry
2nd Place – Pat Timnminen
3rd Place – Robert Faur

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