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Dubs on the Boards 2018

Slickspeed LLC, in conjunction with Garnet Volkswagen, will present “Dubs on the Boards” on September 8th, 2018. Register for the show online now!

“Dubs on the Boards” is a car show focusing on vehicles produced by European automobile manufacturers, most notably Volkswagen, Porsche & Audi. Slickspeed LLC has teamed up with the City of North Wildwood, for a 12th year. North Wildwood has proven to be an excellent host and partner. The boardwalk will again be the main viewing area; this in turn will provide a memorable show experience for both participants and spectators. See Previous Years Events

The goal of “Dubs on the Boards” is to provide a unique experience for the automotive enthusiast.  Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their vehicles in a family friendly setting that would not be possible at any other location. We look forward to seeing you again this year, and we thank you for helping “Dubs on the Boards”  become one of North Wildwood’s annual event offerings.

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